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Montesino Law Focuses on Helping Businesses

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Montesino Law realizes that its success is dependent upon the success of our clients. Every client at Montesino Law receives personal attention.  We welcome the opportunity to learn about our clients’ businesses so that we may tailor our services to their needs. We regularly call our clients to ask them how their business is going. Email and voicemail is promptly responded to.

The firm was built on the idea that small businesses should have a personal relationship with their attorneys. With this in mind, clients are never charged for brief phone calls. If a business owner has a concern, they should feel comfortable picking up the phone to share that concern with their lawyer.

Additionally, we understand how hard it can be to run a business. For a business owner, legal issues often feel like a distraction from their core business. When a business owner entrusts us to represent them, we take on their problems as if they were our own; we then try to, where possible, present them with the the practical effect of the legal issues involved and a set of options so that they can then exercise their business judgment.

Montesino Law revolves around its clients. Our Practice Areas were built up, over time, by being receptive the needs of our clients.

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